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WHAT is a Kokedama?

Kokedama is an ancient Japanese art form where a plants root system is wrapped in a mixture of soils, covered with moss, bound with string, transforming a plant into a sculptural art form.  A loose translation is `koke` which means moss and `dama` means ball.

The Western approach to Kokedama takes the traditional Japanese form and transforms it to string gardening, using a variety of plants which can be hung indoors and out, be placed in a bowl or displayed on some other decorative objected,  Kokedama`s offer and impressive effect and calmness to a room with their shape, simplicity and beauty.  They maximize the surface of greenery replacing the traditional pot,  with a living, breathing, substitute to hold the roots of the plant in a moss ball.

Acorn Natural Concepts has taken this concept of the Kokedama and merged it with air purifying plants to create a beautiful yet functional addition to you home or office.  Kokedamas also can create a new creative yet unique centre piece for your special occasion tables.

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